Cherry Blossom Festival

It's Cherry Blossom time in DC!! Ben had the day off on Friday, so we decided to head down to check it out. Unfortunately, all of the blossoms peaked last week, so we really didn't get to a lot of blossoms, but it was still fun. When we were walking around the tidal basin, all Ben wanted to do was jump in. I can't wait for Jack to grow up and both of them ask to jump in.

The Jefferson Memorial is my favorite of all the memorials. I think that the building is so awesome, and the quotes on the wall are amazing. All of us loved it.

Our little family has been really blessed to be able to see so many wonderful things this year. We have had so much fun together, and we are so grateful for all of the opportunities that we have.

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Anja said...

we had our Pear Blossom Festival this weekend....we went to check it out too. IT was pretty much a lot of nothing, but it was nice to be outside!