Cute Pictures.

We wanted to have Jack's picture taken when we were in Utah. So my sister and I decided to have our kids pictures taken. We used the same photographer that my sister and I used for our weddings and I used when Jack was born. She was awesome! The pictures she took were wonderful, here are some of the great shots.

These were some of my favorite pictures. As soon as we put little Addie on Jack's lap he started crying, and trying to push her off. I am really glad Brittany kept these pictures in. They really make me smile.

My sister and her cute little one Addie. It was fun to have them with us.

Next time we hope that our husbands will be able to join us.

~Thanks Brittany for the awesome pictures!~


Anja said...

Those are adorable! I also love your new background!

Emily said...

i looove those pics!! you look so great! jackson is sooo adorable!!

Liz said...

Oh my goodness! You and Jodie look so good, and the kids are too adorable. I love the pics with both Jack and Addie crying! Too cute!

Sarah Cline said...

Okay, so this is terrible, but I had NO idea that Jodie is married and has a child! WOW!

Now, as for these photos, they are just too adorable. You look fabulous, and Jack is the cutest little man. Love you guys!