Fall Fun!

We had so much fun at the pumpkin patch~ We went with our really good friends Harmony and Michelle. It was a beautiful day, and we were able to go on a hay ride, pick out a pumpkin, feed the animals and play! We loved it!

Jack loved riding on the "Camel".

Mom and Jack on the Hay ride.

Our family "leaves" picture. It is so beautiful here in New Jersey! So much red, orange and yellow. BEAUTIFUL!!!

Jack LOVES crunching in the leaves.


Anja said...

Adorable pictures!

Liz said...

I love your pics. Especially the one of Jack on the camel. He looks so content with himself, like he was always meant to ride a camel.

Janalu said...

Thanks! I would say come visit once we get the house but we would much rather come out to NJ! but you are always welcome of course. We are just playing the waiting game now.