Happy Halloween!

We had so much fun this Halloween!

Jack and Dad carving the pumpkin!

My friend made the cute M&M costumes! We went "trick-or treating" to a few houses, but the excitement didn't last long.

We went to a Halloween party with some people from church-it was so much fun. Jack was glad that we were leaving him with the babysitter-he did not want much to do with us once we had all of our make-up on.


Liz said...

The M&M costumes are really cute. Halloween is so fun for kids, I am looking forward to next Halloween with Eli.

Janalu said...

Ohh scary and cute all at the same time. Is Ben supposed to be the Hulk? or is he a zombie? Either way he is very green!

Sarah Cline said...

I LOVE the costumes! Jack is the cutest little M$M - what a great idea, Emily. Charlotte didn't last long either: we went the Nursing Home and to one other house before she was ready for bed. Maybe when we actually let her have some of the candy, it will be a different story. ;)

Emily said...

You guys are hilarious! Very scary!
Looks like Jack had a good time. VERY cute costume! I can't believe someone made it!

Monica said...

What a sweet little M&M! You guys, on the other hand, look scary! haha!