Jack's priorities are clear. The first thing he noticed was our yummy chocolates. We had to hide everything with a shiny chocolate wrapper almost immediately...he loves chocolates.

Christmas was so much fun. We woke up early and opened all of our gifts. Jack loved everything he received. Although, I think that I appreciated the clothes a lot more than he did. Ben and I made out really well also. We both bought each other exactly what we asked for. Our biggest gift is that we are going to be coming to Utah the first part of February. We are so excited. Ben hasn't been home for almost a year and a half.
We are both very excited. We spend the rest of our day playing basketball with Jack, and just relaxing. It was very nice. We had Chinese food delivered for our Christmas dinner, and it was yummy. I didn't have to cook, clean or worry about how long to cook a turkey. It was a fabulous holiday.
Our little family hopes that everyone had a fantastic day!!


Janalu said...

Your Christmas looked really fun. I'm pretty sure Matt would have opted for the christmas eve spread if given the choice!

Emily said...

Sounds like you guys already have lots of Christmas traditions! I am so excited that you are 14 weeks already!! I am just 6 weeks ahead of you so our kiddos are going to be pretty close in age and in the same grade! !