Last week, Ben was given an assignment in Philadelphia, and Jack and I tagged along. We had so much fun. Most of the time we were there, it was FREEZING! We did have one day of 40 degrees, but that didn't last long, the other days the temperature did not get above 20 degrees. We were really happy that the hotel had a pool.
We had some cheesesteaks, and we even compared the two "Best cheesesteak in Philadelphia" places. The two-Pat's and Geno's are located right across the street from each other, but I must say-we definitely have a favorite.
Not only did Geno's have the best Cheesesteaks, we found a really sharp bone in Pat's and that made the final call. So, if you are ever in Philly-we recommend Geno's.

The sites of Philadelphia.
(At least the ones that were close enough to walk to, but good enough when you are 18 months.)

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Anja said...

Your blog looks cute!! I love philly, I've been there lots! Looks like you had fun!