A few good things.

What a great day it has been. It all started this morning when Jack woke up at 5:50 pretty upset to be awake, but not enough to go back to sleep. We finally calmed him down, and my wonderful husband said that I could go back to bed. That was nice. I slept in until 8:15! That was amazing.

Then, I was doing some research for the double stroller I want. This has been a process since I found out I was pregnant. I don't like very many of the double strollers out there, and the ones that I like are WAY EXPENSIVE. A few weeks ago, I picked out the Phil and Ted's Vibe stroller, we even went to a store near our house to test it out. Since it was so expensive, Ben and I have been putting money away every week to be able to afford it. Today, I thought I would take a chance and look at Craigslist to see if there were any for sale. I found one on Craigslist in NYC, I contacted the person, and worked out the price. These people must have had some serious money-they lived in Midtown Manhattan, in a very nice looking apartment with a doorman. When I picked up the stroller, I asked what stroller they ended up with and the man said that they had five or six, they just didn't want this one anymore! SCORE for the Whitaker's!!!! It is practically brand new with several accessories for less than the price of just the stroller! I love it! Oh, and if your wondering about the kid in the back not being able to see, Jack loves it. I think it's kind of like a fort back there.

After we picked up the stroller, we were driving around and Ben asked me if I wanted a cupcake from my favorite little cupcake place- Magnolia Bakery. So we stopped and I got some cupcakes!!! YUMMY!! We ended our drive by going by the Temple in Manhattan.

What a great day!


Emily said...

I saw a lady in the mall with that stroller and it looks pretty cool! One of my friends bought it and says she likes it because you can put a newborn it and everything. She did say the downside is that the kid sitting in the back sometimes gets kicked by you. hehe
I'm so glad you didn't pay full price though!! It is ridiculous how much they cost!
Yay for the Whitakers!

Liz said...

Score for you Emily! That is awesome! We miss you guys! I wish we lived closer so our two little guys could have play dates. We just found out a week ago that in two weeks we will be moving to Green Bay WI. It is nice that we will be closer to my family, but I am not excited about the move!