Play time.

Jack and I sometimes go to the mall just to play in the little play area. It has been so much fun to see how he has grown into it. He loves the slide, and today was the first time that he was comfortable enough to do it by himself. Sometimes it can be hard when bigger kids are pushing him out of the way, but today he held his own. YEAH!!! He wasn't a bully, but he didn't let the others push him around. This was also the first time that he really wanted to play with the other boys-who were a few years older than he was. He would run around and chase them, and they had no idea. It was fun to watch and we had a great time.

Jack really is a very cute kid, and his grin melts my heart.


jasonandjodie said...

He sure is a cutie! It must be in the genes. We love you guys and hope everything is going great.

Emily said...

He does have a cute little grin... so sweet, but so mischievous, too. I'm glad Jack is holding his own in the play park at the mall...Van could use a lesson from him. Those older kids can be brutal!

I still can't believe you're having a boy...I was so sure it was a girl! I'm so excited though!