Fantastic Friday.

Jack and I had so much fun today. I was having a craving for something sweet, so we made a cake. He loved helping out. We turned on some music, danced around, and made the cake. What a great time! The cake was delicious, and it was fun to have Jack help out.
If Grandma Dexter (Jack's great grandma) reads this, we used your chocolate frosting recipe. IT IS THE BEST!

Mom's little helper.

Jack helping stir the frosting.

The final cake, after we each had a piece. It was so good.

This is my preggo belly. This is the stage I like, small enough that it isn't obtrusive, but enough to know I am pregnant.


Anja said...

awwww...how fun! And your prego belly is cute!

Emily said...

You and Jack are always up to something, huh!? Your belly is totally cute! I think you are showing more already than you did the last time. I am already looking as big as I did when I delivered Van!

The hitting is really irritating because Van finds it so amusing. I feel like we really have to choose our battles with him since he gets into so much trouble. I don't want him in time out 24/7! When he is bad, I sit him on my lap and make him fold his arms and stay that way for about a minute. I wish I could say it is helping, but there have been no real breakthroughs.

I always look forward to your blog updates!! Keep em coming.