Father's Day.

Making breakfast for daddy.

Handsome boys.

What a father's day. I bought Jack a little pinstripe suit to match Ben's, and they looked so cute. Ben is a great dad, and both Jack and I are lucky to have him. It is fun to watch Ben be a dad. He loves his little guy, and his little guy loves him. I have heard the quote somewhere that the greatest gift a father can give his kids is to let them know he loves their mother, and Ben definitely does this. I am truly blessed. This year Ben has earned Father's day. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!
Happy Father's day to my dad also. He is coming to visit us in a week, and we are so excited. Jack and my dad have had a special bond since Jack was born, and it is so incredible to see my dad become a grandpa. He is an awesome grandpa, and we are grateful for him.
I am very blessed that both my dad and Ben look to our Heavenly Father as an example to parent. Neither of them are perfect, but they find ways to improve, and make sure their kids are taken care of and loved. They are AWESOME MEN!!


jasonandjodie said...

What good looking guys! You've got some good ones.

Anonymous said...

How cute is your son on his traje dominical!!

I´m glad you had a great father´s day... we celebrated father´s day and my youngest bro´s b-day as well...a very good sunday....

take care chica!!!

Hello There! said...

I love how adorable a little boy looks in a suit. Jack looks taller in each new pic you post of him.