One year, complaining and preparing for the little one.

This week has been an adventure so far. As of Monday, we have lived in New Jersey one year. What a year it has been. The day that we moved in was about 100 degrees and 100% humidity. It was HOT. We didn't have any air conditioner or fans, so we went to Lowe's to buy some window AC's. We came home, brought them up all of our stairs and found that one of them was damaged, and did not work. Ben almost threw it out the window. Ben had to carry it down all the stairs, buy a new one, and bring the new one the two flights of stairs to our apartment. It was miserable. Our only saving grace- our good friends invited us over for dinner. They had central air, and we stayed there as long as we could. It probably got a little awkward for them how long we stayed. Luckily, it did not affect our friendship, and we are still friends. Things have definitely become much better now, and there are a lot of wonderful things about living in New Jersey, right now my favorite is that I don't have to pump my own gas. We now love almost everything about Jersey, with a few exceptions (more details to come later).

Now for my complaining-Ben went out of town on Tuesday. I thought that it would be fun for Jack and I to take a road trip up to Rochester, NY. This was a great idea, and we were going to stay a few nights, and go see some LDS church historic sites. I was so excited. I served my mission in Rochester, and there is a special place in my heart for the area. All of our bags were packed, I had bought some special road trip food, and we had everything all ready. Then, at 2:45 Tuesday morning I woke up having some contractions. They lasted until about 6:30 am. I didn't get any sleep. Jack, who normally wakes up at 7:30 or 8:00, decided to wake up when he heard Ben leaving at 5:45. I made the decision that I probably shouldn't drive with very little sleep, and wasn't sure if the contractions would come back-which would make a miserable trip. So we didn't go. I am so bummed. All I wanted was something for Jack and I to do that was fun during Ben's trip...lame.

To occupy our time, Jack and I started to set up everything for the baby. We set up the pack-n-play, the baby swing, and took the car seat out of storage. I think we are ready. (Although, I am not sure that Jack is ready for the vast amount of sharing that is coming his way.)

Jack needed to test the swing to make sure it was safe for the baby.

What a good big brother.


Janalu said...

OMG that swing picture is HILARIOUS! He is so cute! I am glad you like NJ we have also come to enjoy Reno, can you believe we have been here for 4 years!

Emily said...

LOL that pic of Jack in the swing is so funny!!
Just wait till you have the new baby...Jack is going to look HUGE to you guys...especially when you change his diapers.
BUMMER your trip didn't work out, but a smart move not to take your chances. Being full-term, alone, and miles from home--> not a good idea!

Rebekah said...

Hey! I hope you don't mind if I add your blog to my blog list. Elizabeth is going to miss you as a teacher. She's upset she won't see the baby, either... :) You've been good to her. Thanks.