36 Weeks

We have four weeks left. My pregnant belly is huge, and it feels like it has grown exponentially in the last few days.

We still don't have a name picked out for the little one. This has been very frustrating, the good news is eventually we will have a solution.

A few people have asked me about our plans for the birth of the baby. When I first found out I was pregnant, I really wanted to have a home birth. I have watched The Business of Being Born several times, (it is a documentary by Ricki Lake about home birth and gives a unique perspective of birth) and really wanted to experience having a baby at home. For me, I want a natural childbirth, and I want to be in a place that is comfortable. Since I don't like hospitals very much, I really considered having a home birth. The reason that I am not having a home birth is that the people around me were not as comfortable with the idea as I was. That's okay. I want everyone to be comfortable. So, instead, I found midwives in my area that feel the same way about birth that I do, and a hospital that is very natural childbirth friendly. I am very excited. I think birth can be very empowering. I feel that it is something that only women get to experience, and, if, as a woman we do all we can to know what is happening to us, it can be a remarkable experience. Now, that being said, I also want to say that I think that having a baby is very personal. There are people that choose to do things differently than I do. My wish for everyone having a baby is to have a positive experience, whatever it takes. Last time I planned on having a natural childbirth, but it didn't work out. I still had an awesome delivery, and Jack came out perfectly.

If you would like to watch The Business of Being Born, it is on Netflix watch it now. They also have a website -here-

On a completely different note, I started a new blog just for pictures and videos taken from the camera on my phone. The link is on the side- or here.


jasonandjodie said...

Em, you look great! Your belly is huge (as it should be) but the rest of looks wonderful. I'm excited to hear how everything goes.

Emily said...

Wowzers! He is up high...better start telling your little man to start headin' down!
I can't WAIT for the birth of the little one! I hope he won't go past your due date!

Lisonbee said...

I am so excited for the next few weeks! It is so much easier having them inside then out if you ask me! :0)
Good luck with your delivery, we are hopeful for sucessful hypnobirthing.
You look wonderful, pregnancy is an amazing thing!

Anonymous said...

Wuou!!! are you sure is just one??? jiijijiji....

Kolena locksa said...

Hey, it's Sister Baggiore btw, I just wanted to wish you luck on your natural birth! I love the business of being born. I didn't have a natural birth with my son but want to have one the next time around :)