Babies. Hugs. Birthdays. Family Time.

Our little Thomas is a lovely baby. Ben and I are really enjoying Thomas, Jack is not quite sure. He has had a difficult time adjusting to the lack of attention and has been acting out. It has been really rough. Today, however we made a break-through, Jack gave Thomas a hug for the very first time. We will take it day by day with them.

We also celebrated another birthday. Ben is getting old, the big 2-7 for him. We had a great time. We went to McDonald's for lunch and Pizza Hut for dinner. Ben was in heaven. It was a good day.

Life with a new baby isn't very exciting, but the great thing is there is something new everyday. Between our two year old and two week old, we discover something every single day. I LOVE BEING A MOM!
Ben goes back to work tomorrow, and I am really going to miss having him home. We have had a lot of fun the last two weeks hanging out and spending good time with our kids. It is particularly nice because when Jack was born, Ben left for training and missed the first seven weeks of Jack's life. We are loving this time.
P.S. I attempted a little photo shoot with Thomas, and it did not work out like I planned. I am definitely not a photographer. Unfortunately, my photographer (cousin Brittany) lives in Utah, and photographers out here start at about $700. Sigh.


Anja said...

sounds like your adjusting well, I'm glad. I promise it get's easier! Your little one is so adorable!

Emily said...

I'm so glad Ben has been able to be home with you this time. How fun to be a Momma of two boys! They are just so cute! You probably panic when Jack gets near Thomas, but he'll ease off soon enough!
So glad you've updated your blog!

Jessica said...

I love that top picture where it looks like Thomas is munching on his arm. I just love all the many expressions that newborns have...before they even know how to control their facial expressions! He's so cute!

The Teeples Times said...

I loved reading your birthing story - that truly is amazing! You definitely impress me! Glad to hear Jack is adjusting. It is definitely a hard thing to do. Dallin still has moments, but loves his brothers entirely! Give me a call now that Ben's back to work.