What a week.

Last week was quite a week.

Monday. Ben's last day home from work. We did laundry.

Tuesday. Ben returned to work. I realized that if I didn't get a New Jersey driver's license today, I may have to take a driving test. So I packed up the two kids and headed to the DMV. One blow out diaper, two huge chocolate chip cookies, and one two year almost setting off the Emergency Exit door later, I now have my NJ license. (Why could I not realize I needed to get that done when Ben was off for two weeks?)

Thursday. Went for a walk using our double stroller. I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE our stroller. I cannot express in words how much I am so glad we bought our stroller. It is AWESOME!

Friday. Packed up the two kids, about 100 diapers, and drove down to Virginia. Ben had about five minutes of work to do down there, so we all headed down. Anyone else notice that when you have kids, whether you go for one day or a week, there is so much STUFF that goes with you?

Saturday. We spent the day in Virginia with our great friends the Patrick's. They have two kids the same ages as ours. Their oldest, Harmony, is two weeks younger than Jack, and they had a baby boy on the 1st of July. It was fun to see Harmony and Jack interact. They are best friends, and they had a great time playing together. We were so glad to be able to spend some time with them, we miss them terribly.


Janalu said...

that is so cool! Your like twin families!

Jessica said...

I think that someone should print a t-shirt that says "I survived the DMV with kids in tow" or "I took my kids with me to the DMV and its still standing".

Emily said...

aw man i missed you guys! hope you'll stop in to VA again soon! I can't believe you took the kiddies out all by yourself so soon! it is tough!

Hello There! said...

I still can't believe you braved the DMV with BOTH kids! It just shows that us DS wives are tough (or maybe just crazy, who knows?)

I love the pics, especially of the future Mr. & Mrs. Jack W. ;-) As I type this, she is rambling on about Jack and talking about the ouchie on his knee. It has been days now and she is still worried about his boo-boo. So cute how the two of them got along together like they'd never been apart.

So happy and thankful that you guys made the trip down and we were able to see each other once more before heading our different directions. We had a great time just hanging out and watching the kiddos. The time really went by way too quick.

Thanks again for making the trek. I know it's not easy with 2 little ones and all of their "gear". We sure do miss hanging out with you guys (it almost makes me miss Jersey, almost ;-)