Happy birthday to me.
I turned 28 today. I don't usually feel old on my birthdays, but today I do. Maybe it's because I have two kids. Maybe it's because I have wrinkles on my face and am seriously looking into anti-aging skincare. Maybe it's because my sister who is ten years younger than I am just started college. Whatever the reason, 28 feels old.
Today was an amazing day. More family members remembered my birthday this year than any other year. It always makes me feel good to get a text, call, e-mail or message on my birthday.
This year, though, the prize goes to Ben. He has outdone himself.  Last night I was putting the dishes away and found this:

So beautiful.
I was so excited, I love nice sparkly things. The best part, I was completely surprised, I didn't even have to hint.
I got come chocolate covered cherries from Harry and David's from my sister, and my parents sent me a gift certificate for some clothes.  I was living the good life today.
Thanks everyone for a fabulous birthday!


Emily said...

Man...*sheepish* I thought your Bday was tomorrow!!

I'm so glad you were born, cause you are an awesome friend!!

What a pretty present from Ben! And a sweeet post to give him a shout out!!

Kristy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So exciting and big points for Ben on the awesome gift! Fo sho! Does he know mhen my bday is??:) Juuust kidding! Your family is so beautiful and you truely are so blessed. I hope you had such an awesome day.

Oh and if you are seriously looking for an awesome skin care product Jer's mom sells Arbonne and I just got the anti-aging line and seriously LOVE IT. :)

Hello There! said...

Oooh, I love it! Ben did a great job picking out your b-day present. Hope you had a great day and just think next year you will be able to celebrate in Mexico!

P.S. If you feel old now, just wait until you're about to turn 33! I clipped anti-aging coupons today, so you are not alone in the wrinkle department ;-)

Anja said...

Happy Birthday Emily! and boy am I jealous of your "sparkly thing" how totally fun is that!?

jasonandjodie said...

Absolutely beautiful!! Well done, Ben.

The Teeples Times said...

WOW - way to go BEN!! Happy Birthday Emily! You are young yet - I hit the big 3-0 this year, and man, that was hard!! I love your gift! I also had to do some catching up on your posts - you are so good to post so often. I saw Ben in the video clip - that is awesome and you should definitley be very proud of him!! Also, I can't believe how big Thomas is - so, so, so dang cute!! Once he gets crawling, it'll all go away! Hope you're having an awesome day!

Janalu said...

You're a lucky duck...Im not sure Matt knows what Tiffany's is! As for aging, I use Olay products, not that you need them! I keep turning 22 every year but they are for preventative use OK! Happy Birthday:)

Jessica said...