A reason to get dressed in the morning.

Yesterday Ben came home from being out of town for a week.  It was a long week, and I was so excited to have him come home.  Then bedtime came, and I was so annoyed because for a week we had done things my way, {which of course is the right way} and Ben came in and did everything differently.  Instead of cleaning things up, he just shoved it to the side, he made me feel like I hadn't done anything for the entire week.  I wasn't happy.  I had to take some time so that I wouldn't yell or say something stupid. 

Then morning came.  I fed the kids breakfast, I got dressed, and then I cleaned up the living room.  Now, this might not seem significant, but last week I did not get out of my pajamas 5 of the 7 days he was gone.  I certainly didn't do anything more than tidy up -and then it was only because I had my visiting teachers {ladies from church} coming over. 

This morning was different, this morning I had a reason to get dressed, and a reason to clean up-Ben was home.  For me, I needed the little push to get stuff done.  {Those of you who have lived with me know that it takes a lot for me to be motivated to clean.} Today I am so grateful to be married.   When people say that being married has helped them be a better person, today, Ben has helped me to better myself.  He gave me a reason to get dressed in the morning.

*Please don't be concerned-I am not depressed, just lazy.  I really don't feel like washing more clothes than I need to, and having a two year old that loves to play with all of his toys at once leads to a messy house.*


Anonymous said...

I love to be in pijamas wether my husband is at home or not...hahahahaha.

Is not lazyness it is a comfortable way to be at your home and enjoy the time there!!!

Jessica said...

When my hubbie is out of town my house is often cleaner but I am a bit of a wreck. I get so worn out from the kids and I don't sleep well. So the clean house but sleep-deprived edgy mom is not the kind of trade off I would like.