I love FAQ sections.  You can learn a lot by reading them- not only about the products being sold, but the people purchasing them.  You know the saying, there are no such things as stupid questions?  I never quite understood that.  I think that there are. 
That being said, I also believe that if finding an answer to your question will make life better, why not ask? 
Here is my question: 

What is the proper way to respond to comments? 
There have been several times when a comment is left in a question form, and I don't know how to respond.  If the question is left, do those who leave the comment come back to check for an answer, or is it more of a rhetorical question with no expectation of being answered?  I haven't really responded to said questions because I just don't know.  I know that there could be many answers, so please help me out.  Considering if you are reading this, yours is the answer I want.  I am most definitely willing to answer questions left, I am just not sure if that is what is wanted...please let me know.
{Is there any other Blogging etiquette I should know about?}


The Teeples Times said...

I have wondered the exact same thing, and yes, I am guilty of leaving questions in the comment section too. I've seen on some blogs where the blogger goes in and leaves a comment on their own blog answering the question. I guess the question asker would then have to know to go back and check. Maybe if you just said one time in your blog: I'll respond to your questions in my comments or leave your e-mail address and I'll personally reply. I'm not sure there is any etiquette on that one. Let me know your response (via your comments on your blog or in person).

Anja said...

I used to answer questions back that were asked of me in my comments, but now I just forget or I do it on FaceBook

Emily said...

I agree with Teeples. UNLESS you feel the question is something you could actually just blog about.