My little love.

I love nicknames.  I think they are endearing.  I am pookie to my husband, and he is sweetheart, sweetie, honey, etc. to me.  I call Jack and Thomas my little loves.  Unfortunately, I am not the only one with naming abilities in our house.  Thomas is now called chub-chub by Ben and Jack.  I don't like it.  I don't even want to think of the psychological ramifications of having a nickname like that.   If we were to call Jack that, it would be funny because he is so stinkin' skinny.  To call a chubby kid chubby is just mean.  The all time low was when the other day I caught myself saying it.  I couldn't believe the name left my lips, but it did.  I am terrible.
Maybe I am overreacting.  Okay, I am overreacting, but it's what I do.  Ben just laughs. 

It is, however, adorable when Jack calls to chub-chub when he hears him waking up from his nap.

This picture isn't great, but it has a great story.  I sat Thomas next to Jack so I could set up the timer on the camera.  As I did, Jack explained (in his high voice) that we were going to take a picture with chub-chub, Jack and mommy. Then he yold him it would be okay.  Melted my heart.


Emily said...

I think it's a great picture!! Those boys are just adorable! How lucky we are to be Mothers to these precious little loves!!

Liz said...

Great picture, and I love the story that goes with it. You sure have two sweet little guys to love!

Hello There! said...

"Endearing" is such a perfect word to use when talking about nicknames. We have several here in our house and they vary from day to day depending on mood and temperments ;-)
The picture of Thomas is just adorable!