Single Ladies. {One single boy}

It was like Christmas morning after the two moving boxes that made it were unpacked. It felt like we were making this place a little more ours.  I know that we are only here for a few months, but it is so nice to have some of our own stuff with us.
It was disappointing when we discovered what didn't make it.  Each of the pictured shoes is no longer part of a pair.  Our stroller made it, but the attachment to make it a double stroller did not.  Most of our clothes made it, but the clothes that I had JUST bought with my birthday money (they were delivered the day we packed out and didn't have room in my suitcase) didn't make it.  My winter coat didn't make it.  The kitchen stuff didn't make it, including my cookbooks. 
Before our stuff came I guessed at what was missing.  I thought how it would be fun to put a claim into the moving company, receive a check, and replace everything missing.  Now, all I want is for the moving company to find our missing box.  I want my cookbooks that I have notes all over, the recipes that are just written down that I will probably never be able to replace. 


Kristy said...

Dude that seriously sucks so bad! I would try and find a nicer word than "sucks", but really it just sucks. You loved your double stroller and were so excited to get it! I'm so sorry. I really hope they do find it and if you ever see those movers again (in the very very very remote possibility that you do:) give them a good smack in the face for me:)
But the wonderful positive side...at least you will get money to replace it. And hopefully you'll be able to slowly remember and rewrite the things from your cook books. But really I just hope they find it!:)

Emily said...

That is terrible! And I agree with Kristy, it just sucks! I'm so sad that all your things are lost! I don't understand why these moving companies can't just get it right the first time. I'm already shuddering at what a nightmare the Mexico move will be!

Jessica said...

Oh thats horrible!! I hope that somehow everything turns up...that would drive me crazy! What a mess.

Anja said...

That is awful! Oh I would just be irate! I'm so sorry!

Hello There! said...

Okay so I'm just getting around to leaving a comment and by now they have found your box....but why would movers separate pairs of shoes into different boxes???? Those guys really did not know what they were doing. I'm sorry you had such an irritating experience this time around. Hopefully it will all be smooth sailing from now on when it comes to moves!

Heather Dray said...

You've been included in this week's FS Blog Round-Up.


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