What great luck!

I have a feeling that by posting about my new lucky streak, I may lose it, but I will share anyway. 
It all started Monday morning when I woke up, checked my e-mail and found out that I won a $25 credit to this cute shop.  (From the Holiday Giveaway button on the side.) Then last night, Thomas slept ALL night.  I put him to bed at 11:00 and he slept until 7:30!  That was amazing.  Then, I found out that I won another giveaway on Giveaway Today.  Okay, so all of that is awesome, to make life even better, Ben called me, and they found the missing box from our shipment!  It is going to be delivered tomorrow. 
What a great day.  I can't believe it.  I am writing all of this down in case something happens later to ruin this string of luck.  I am going to enjoy it as long as I can.
{It's not even noon, a lot can happen between now and bedtime.}


Jessica said...

I'm so glad the missing box has turned up!!

jasonandjodie said...

yeah, yeah, yeah!!! For everything!

Hello There! said...

So the moving company dredged the Hudson and discovered your box? ;-)
I'm so glad that they found it! I really felt bad that you had to do without so much of your stuff (especially your stroller attachment). And yippie for winning the giveaways!