For Christmas, Ben bought me an apron. I love it. I asked for it specifically, and ordered it, and let him wrap it up. It has inspired a domestic side of myself I never knew I had.

This urge to be domestic peaked on New Year's Eve. I wanted to wear my apron and experience domesticality. {Real word? I don't know, but I like it.} I sort of feel sorry for my sisters. I convinced them to celebrate New Year's with us, instead of going out with some of their friends. I told them we would party like crazy. I don't really think it turned out the way they wanted. However, we did have an awesome food experience.  I made brie baked in puff pastry with brown sugar and walnuts {YUMMY}, and the girls made cupcakes, and Ben grilled us some steaks that we had with mashed potatoes.  That was awesome, but then I decided to do laundry.  They were good sports, but at 10:00 pm, Taylor was asleep. She did wake up to celebrate with us, but I am sorry if they feel they didn't get the party I promised. Fortunately for them, they have many years ahead of them to celebrate the way they want. I appreciate that they made this sacrifice for me.  I had a good time.  I need to wear my magic apron more often.

Happy 2010!


Anja said...

oh my gosh your hair is long! It's cute, so is your apron! Happy New Year!

jasonandjodie said...

I'm jealous of your food and your fun! We went to bed waayy before 12 - we felt pathetic and old. Super cute apron and glad you got some good use out of it!

Hello There! said...

I love your magic apron! It is such a cute style and the fabric pattern is so colorful.
Your culinary delights look really good. I'm jealous! My parents came over with my niece and nephew and we had Pizza Hut and Christmas leftovers. I was in bed before 11- fun fun