Oh boy, I've got joy.

Today I had one hour all to myself!!!  Oh man.  I am still on cloud nine.  Thomas is still breastfeeding and very dependent on me, so it has been hard to have any alone time.   Today Ben offered to watch the kids so I could go do whatever I wanted.  Do you want to know what I did?  I went to Starbucks with a book and read.  It was amazing.   Me. Alone. BY MYSELF.  I loved it.  I watched the moms with kids come in, and I just sat quietly with my book and my hot chocolate so grateful for my moment alone.
{Currently, I am reading a book called The Female Brain.  As of page 30, I recommend it.}
Thanks to my husband, a part of my sanity has been restored, and I am certainly looking forward to more time to myself. 

Here are some of the pictures from our attempt at our Christmas turned New Years card photo.


Jessica said...

I love these pictures. You look especially radiant...it must have something to do with that time you got to spend doing something for yourself!!

Anja said...

what a nice husband! Alone time when we have kids is a must!

jasonandjodie said...

You really do have a good one (husband, that is) and I love the pictures! Thomas' face is just so cute no matter what is going on and you're all just so good looking. Way to be an awesome little family.

Janalu said...

wait till you get our card. It's a slow progression of trying to get 2 cats and a dog to look forward, down to just Matt and I.

Hello There! said...

Yippee for the little things in life! Amazing how just a little time alone can really recharge a person. So glad you were able to relax by yourself.
Love the pics of you guys. You all look like you're having fun. And I really like your necklace. I think I saw the same one a few days ago on this blog: http://littlepumpkingrace.blogspot.com/

Emily said...

Jessica, yes it is amazing what a shower and some make-up can do for a person.
Anja, yeah. I hope that all moms are given at least a few minutes to themselves. It makes all the difference.
Thanks Jod. I think you have a pretty amazing family too.
Jana, I can't wait to see your card.
Michelle, yea, it is the same necklace how funny that you saw that. I hope that you are able to have some recharge time-you really deserve it.

Kristy said...

Wow, that sounds like an amazing time. I've never thought to do that, maybe the next chance I get I might hop on board with that. Oh and for like october or november book group we read The Gurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and is was awesome. I totally recommend it. Just thought I would throw that in (that's how excited I am about it:) incase you wanted a suggestion for your next Starbucks trip. Thanks for thinking of us with the Christmas card. Next year when I hopefully have things more together and actually get cards made, I'll make sure and send one to Me-hee-co(meant to be Mexico, but you know when people say it like that:) for you guys!

Emily said...

Kristy-I am so glad you recommend that book. It was a Christmas gift, and I am really looking forward to reading it. I am excited to read it!

Emily said...

You are lucky to have such a nice husband to let you have some alone time! I loved your family pics - great job!