Man Your Battle Stations

Watching Thomas and Jack is very entertaining. Most of the time they play parallel to each other- they are aware of the other, but they do not interact.  It is when they interact that is the most fun. 
The other day we were playing with blocks.  Jack was building a tower and Thomas kept trying to take it and chew on it.  Being the great mother I am, I built an identical tower for Thomas, and put it in front of him.  Like any good conqueror, he saw what Jack had, and wanted it for himself.  In Thomas' little conqueror brain, Jack's tower was more fun.  Thomas went in for the attack.  Jack saw Thomas crawling towards him, and knew the attack was eminent, and took matters into his own hands.  Jack would not relinquish his power to his little brother, and displayed his strength by taking the tower and throwing it to the ground, sending the pieces in every direction.  Jack's plan worked. Thomas was distracted by the flying blocks and started chewing on the rubble.  Everyone was happy.  Jack was destroying something, Thomas was chewing on something, and I was laughing.

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