My Attitude of Gratitude.

I have really been trying to focus on gratitude more, and today, I am grateful for the decisions that my parents made that have affected my life. Mostly, I am grateful for the career that my dad chose. I grew up moving around every three to five years. Being able to move around gave me so many opportunities. I was able to meet people from all over the world, experience different cultures, and learn to adapt to new places. I had to figure out who I was and what I stood for, which did take some serious trial and error, but I eventually figured it out. My life would not be the same without the decisions that my parents made about their own lives, which have affected my life. I would not have taken the same path, and I don’t think that I would be where I am today if my dad would have chosen another career.

In thinking about this, I realize that I need to be more mindful of the choices that Ben and I make that will affect Jack and Thomas’ lives also. {No pressure.} This might seem like a no brainer, and it should be, but it just really hit me today. It also makes me even more aware of the power and the necessity of prayer.

On a lighter note: I talked to Ben about this, and I told him that if my dad would have done something else, we probably would not have met, and that he would be married to someone a lot less high strung, and probably a lot nicer. He told me that we were meant for each other, and that we would have found each other no matter what, soul mates of sorts. Then he followed that up with, there aren’t a lot of people that would be able to put up with you’re... insert: awkward silence. I am sure he was going to say “you’re amazing beauty”, “you’re well focused energy”, or perhaps, “you’re amazing ability to love so perfectly”. Maybe something like that.

{True Love.}


Jessica said...

Insert foot and swallow. At least he started out good with the "meant for each other" part.

Janalu said...

some times I think about how Matt and I met and all the people it took to et us together! I mean a blind date, who would have thought!