Talents of a two year old.

Sometimes Jack drives me crazy.  He is very independent and loves to do things his way.  He repeats things over and over and over and over and over until someone repeats back what he is saying. 
However, I just can't help loving him like crazy.  Today I was taking pictures of him, and he went over to the fridge and said "cheese".  I asked him if he wanted me to take a picture of him, he responded in the affirmative, and then each new move he made, he said "cheese", letting me know to continue to take pictures. 
These pictures are Jack's doumentary debut.
He calls it, Jack Getting a Drink From the Fridge. 
{Not the most creative title, but give him a break...he's two.}

I would like to point out Jack's personal style.  He didn't really want to get dressed this morning, so we compromised- pajama shirt and pants.  Just lovely.


jasonandjodie said...

Too funny. He sure has a mind of his own.

The Teeples Times said...

That is a great documentary - I think you're just as funny as he is. Love your New Years food - where can I get a "magic" apron - one that inspires me to cook (that's what I need). How fun to have your sisters around!

Emily said...

He is hilarious! What a kid!

Hello There! said...

How cute! Isn't it fun to see a sense of humor start to emerge in our oldest little ones? I love being able to stay at home to catch these little glimpses of personality.
Would you mind telling me how you got your pictures to line up side by side like you did in this post? I never have any luck with formatting pictures :-(

Horgy said...

Okay so you are my new inspiration! You are an amazing mom and blogger. Keep it up I love to get a glimpse of your life. We love you!

Janalu said...

If someone documented everytime I went to the fridge I would be in big trouble.

Jessica said...

Getting dressed is definitely about compromise at our house as well.