I DO NOT {Heart} the Dentist.

Dear BIL Jason,
I need to tell you that I respect your decision to be a dentist and am impressed by your dedication to your education to become a dentist.  The following vent is not intended to offend you in the slightest.  I am still glad you married my sister.  I will try to teach my children to appreciate dentists, and not fear them, as that might cause them to fear you. 

Your SIL,

P.S.  I realize that I cannot blame the dentist.  It has been three years since I have actually sat in a dentist's chair. 

A few months ago, I felt a hole in one of my teeth.  My guess was that a filling fell out.  Unfortunately, I have not had much of an opportunity to go to the dentist in the last little while, so I put it off.  This week I was finally able to make it.  After about an hour at the dentist, I walked out almost in tears.  I heard all of these words in the same sentence:
I was right; the filling had fallen out, and has grown to touch the nerve.  Next week I have to get it all fixed.  It begins on Monday with a root canal, and then I have to get my top wisdom teeth out so they don't push on the teeth anymore.  Then, I will have to go in to get a crown put on as soon as I have healed from the wisdom teeth.  I do not like my dentist.  I think she is trying to punish me for not going to the dentist for three years. 
When I had my bottom wisdom teeth taken out, I tried to jump out of a moving car.  I kind of went crazy on the medication I was on...this week could be interesting.
Good news, my sister Paige is coming to visit so she can help with the kids while I am recovering.  Lucky, huh?


Lisonbee said...

you are gorgeous cousin! Good luck with the dentist- I used to make myself sick with just the thought of sitting in "the chair" and now, well I kinda look forward to the laughing gas because it makes me loopy and tired! Maybe you can ask for that plus the numbing stuff! Good luck!

Anja said...

uggg...I hate the dentist! I'm supposed to schedule to get my wisdom teeth out and I'm totally avoiding it! Good luck with all that!!!

Jessica said...

This makes me feel guilty because I have not been to a dentist for a long time. I really need to get in just to be safe. I haven't noticed anything wrong but who knows. Good luck with it all! Yay for sisters who can help us out.

Hello There! said...

Well if bad luck comes in three's, then this should be it for you (the crazy snowstorm messing with your travel plans, the mold and now this!) I really think there needs to be a traveling DS dentist since so many agents and their families go years without seeing a dentist.
I've experienced all 3 of your upcoming procedures and can say I've survived. The root canal was not much fun but I really think it was because of the dentist. My dad just had one from a different DDS and said it was nearly painless. Crowns aren't too bad, it just takes a bit for them to get it to fit just right.
Maybe you can take along an IPOD and just veg out/get caught up on sleep while you're getting worked on. Hope it all goes smoothly! And remember you delivered a 10 pounder NATURALLY, so this will be a breeze! I'll be thinking of you!

Emily said...

Geez that is just no fun! Gotta hate the DDS!

jasonandjodie said...

Let this be a lesson to all of you. (Too bad this isn't facebook and only emily will be reading this.) It just goes to show you that teeth are just as vulnerable as any other part of your body to infection. And if not taken care of as soon as you notice it, it can lead to PAIN, time & $$$$$.
Better to go to your 6 mo. appt, or at least a 1 year appt. to get a "check up". A check up is going to cost you a heck of a lot less than a root canal, especially if they can stop the cavity before it gets to that point. (I'm in a "Preventitive Dentistry course" right now so i'm taking advantage of this soap box.)
ALSO, If you have a good dentist, Root Canals are NOT PAINFUL, if everything is going well, you get numbed up, and you get the blood supply and nerves taken out... you shouldn't be able to feel much of anything.(except being soar that you've been holding your mouth open for a couple hours).

*****having a wife w/ 2 kids myself, i can understand that it is near impossible to arrange this kind of appointment. But you should make an effort to go for a "check up" at least once a year. "Once" a year, unless you know that you are at a higher risk of getting cavities.

There, just wanted to stand up for my future colleagues.

Dr. Jason Gonzalez DDS-2B

PS. Quick tips on top of brushing that can prevent cavities: Chew gum with Xylitol after each meal- bacteria can't digest Xylitol; Don't rinse after brushing -it keeps the fluoride on your teeth for a lot longer; reduce your in between meal snacks, this gives your teeth enough time away from bacteria to recover its enamel layers from the last meal.