Thomas @ Eight Months.

Thomas is into EVERYTHING, and it is hard to keep up with him.  He loves to put anything he can  in his mouth, today he tried to eat a rock and a dried worm.  It works out well when it comes to dinner time, because he loves just about anything we put in front of him.  {Today we discovered he has a love of spinach.}  I think he is done with baby food, he just wants to feed himself.  He is growing up fast, and we are trying to enjoy the last few baby moments we have left with him. 


Emily said...

I just let out a little squeal - he is SO stinkin' CUTE!!!
What a fun stage! Keeps ya on your toes!
It's sad to think in 4 mos he's officially a toddler!

Hello There! said...

What a cute little guy! He has the prettiest eyes (or should I say "handsomest" since he's a boy). What a treat for him to be able to be out in the sunshine and playing in green grass. It's still gray and gloomy here :-(