Mold. EWW Gross.

We went and inspected our stuff and it was gross.  We had a lot of sentimental things ruined.  Ben's first set of scriptures that he received when he was eight.  The quilt that my Grandma Dexter made for us for our wedding.  Some picture frames that I bought in Russia.  The German Christmas Pyramid that my parents gave us from Germany.  Our wedding album. 
The good news?  We wanted to replace all of our bath towels, and all of the old ones were destroyed, so we have that going for us. 
We couldn't even go through everything.  The smell and the amount of mold were overwhelming.  We are now working with the moving company to have things replaced.  Oh, the joys.

Good news-we still love our house.


Anja said...

oooh that is so sad :( I'm so sorry!

Emily said...

That is terrible!!!

Hello There! said...

I'm so sorry, I feel so bad for you guys. What in the world happened to cause mold to invade your stuff like that? I sure do hope that the movers make it right with you. Although they can't replace the sentimental stuff, at least they can make an effort to compensate you. Do you have your wedding pics on CD or negatives where you can have them reprinted? Maybe some company that specializes in mold/fire damage could clean the items that you really want to keep.

Janalu said...

ugh and your cute yellow shoes! What a bummer and the smell will never go away. I hope you can an least salvage a part of your quilt, maybe a good part you could clean up and frame.

jasonandjodie said...

Yuck. That stinks. Literally.

Heather Dray said...

You've been included in this week's FS Blog Round-Up.


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