One Snip and That's it.

Ben and I finally had the nerve to ask Jack if he wanted to cut his binki.  Jack said he wanted to and snip, it was over.  We have had a few moments of frustration, but overall, he has been great.  We are just glad to finally be done with a binki.  Yeah Jack!


Anonymous said...

Oh girl!

Don't hate me for this, but I just have to say... I've been out of the Little One parenting stage for so very long that when I read your first line:

"Ben and I finally had the nerve to ask Jack if he wanted to cut his binki."

My eyes actually read it as:

"Ben and I finally had the nerve to ask Jack if he wanted to cut his bikini."

And I thought... um... maybe he had a really REALLY old bathing suit that they're going to use for something else? Like, scraps or something?? I was most confused (Bikini? Bikini? Why are they cutting a bikini???) until I read it several times, and then went off in a corner to put a dunce cap on! LOL!

Way to go, Jack! That's a milestone!

Anja said...

that's awesome, good for you! That's what i do to my kids binki's too, cut them off! Although I think half the time those things are made to comfort the parents more than the child, at least they were for me!

Bfiles said...
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Bfiles said...

sorry, I deleted my own post as I didn't want to publish my kids names online.
Anyway, congrats! A binky (ours was a 'yayi'!) is a wonderful thing but it sounds like it was time. What a big boy! I was so proud of my son when he let his go.

Anonymous said...

Tried to be like you today:


Hope I succeeded. :)

Liz said...

Yea! I am so proud of Jack and so happy for you!

Emily said...

that's amazing!
It has been tough for us to transition van from a baby to a big kid. the binky is one of those things we are not wanting to face.
what stinks is that he didn't even take one until he was 13 mos!! what the heck were we thinking?!
Anyways that is great news for Jack!!