Pity. Party For One.

I have been whinny, grumpy, and pouty this week.  I was going to write down all the reasons that I have to justify my terrible attitude, and realized that it was depressing me just thinking about it.  For that reason, I am not going to tell you about the many times this week that I have been made to feel like I am ruining my children, or that I have had to sit in front of a space heater everyday because it is really cold in the house, or that  it has been rainy and dreary outside.  Instead, I am going to make good on my New Year's resolution to be more grateful for what I have.  Although I have had a wretched week, I have a lot to be grateful for.  First, I am grateful that we were able to have Jack's foot taken care of without any problems.  He is running around, acting like nothing happened.  The second, I am really grateful for "sleep training".  It is amazing the difference it makes for everyone around here.  Thomas has been sleeping through the night for the last week and a half, and I find myself enjoying my days more.  It is a HUGE blessing.  Third, I am grateful for my sweet husband.  We have had a rough few weeks, and both of us have really tried to be nicer to one another this week.  He has really come through, and it has helped so much.  Finally, I am grateful for all of the sweet comments that people have left on the blog this week.  It has meant a lot to me.  I feel uplifted and reassured.  Thank you. 
I have so much to be grateful for.  Although it seems I am always wanting for something, I have been blessed with so much.


Jess said...

Hang in there! Just remember that every culture has a different idea of "ideal child-rearing." Here in Manila, it is cruel to let your child cry without trying to stop it, where in my mind, a little crying is healthy sometimes, especially if it is in the form of a temper tantrum. Cry it out, then move on is my motto.

But I've already gotten a few looks because I don't immediately jump up and feed my child sweets to make her happy. Just remember that even though it isn't their way, it's not necessarily wrong, just different.

I hope things get better for you!

Bfiles said...

I didn't realize little Jack was having his surgery so soon...glad it went well, sorry things have been trying lately. Hang in there, I think Jessica's comments are right on.

Lisonbee said...

What.....who told you you were not a good parent?!?!? You just let them know that I will come down to Mexico and throw chili peppers in their eyes and not the woosy ones either! Habaneros! :o)
I love you and pray for you lots!!

Jessica said...

I can't believe he is running around already..YAY! Thats awesome. What a relief. And I don't think a pity party now and then is such a bad thing. Anyone who says they've never had one is probably lying. I hope next week is better.

Jill said...

Gripe away... that's what you have this space for!

Glad all went well with the munchkin's surgery.

Connie said...

You have such adorable little boys! Glad to hear the little one is working on adjusting his sleep... being well-rested, and letting mom be well rested(!), is so important, and "yay!" that big brother's foot is doing better. I'll second Lindsey Mae's comments... I'm finding that we are in a minority group of parents who treat their children as small people, not cute pets. Trust your instincts :) And hooray for a positive attitude... it's hard some days! But that's life.. some days easy, some days not so... keep your head up, go with the flow, and focus on the good stuff.