Thoughts of Little Jack.

*When Jack woke up the morning after the earthquake, he asked me if the house was going to jump again.  It took me a minute to figure it out, but I finally did.  When the earthquake woke him up from his nap, he thought the house was jumping.  Then he looked out the window and asked if the other houses jumped too. 

*As we were getting out of the car, Jack said we needed a new car because our car was gross.  I asked what kind of car he wanted, and he looked around, and pointed a rusty old sedan.  Then I said, really, that one, he laughed and said, no-that one, and pointed to a big, red truck.

*We have been really working on parking lot safety with Jack.  We were in the parking lot of the grocery store, and Jack saw a van backing up in front of us.  He yelled as loudly as he could, WATCH OUT, A VAN COMING!


Anonymous said...

Oh what a cutie!

You know, you and I are totally *trackin* on the haircuts for our boys thing.

Both my boys have hair dos just like Jack. It's such a great 'do for little boys. Less hair = a good thing! Especially where it's warm!

Emily said...

Just too cute!!!
...out of the mouth of babes. :)