Toilet Paper Rockets.

I came into the bathroom today, and found Jack and Thomas playing with the toilet paper.  When I asked Jack what he was doing, he said that he was making a rocket.  He was having so much fun, arranging everything just perfectly. 

Then Thomas came along and had his own kind of fun when Jack's back was turned.
(And make it easier for me to say that it was time to stop playing with the toilet paper.)

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The Teeples Times said...

Sorry I have been absent from the blogging world for a while,but I'm back and I had a lot of catching up with you guys to do. Yay for walking - I agree with you - he is advanced due to your superb parenting skills!! Your day trip to Puerto Nuevo looked fun - you look fabulous (I don't think you even need your treadmill - geez!) It's amazing how fun toilet paper can be really, isn't it. Hope your weather isn't to hot and be careful (especially about the carjacking.)