A Day of Firsts.

To continue our celebration of the boys birthdays, we went to the movie theater to watch Toy Story 3.  It was great, Jack LOVED being in the movie theater, and eating popcorn from his own bag.  Thomas loved climbing up and down the stairs and trying to eat all the food off of the floor. 
After the movie we stopped to get the boys haircuts. Thomas cried the whole time, but he was able to get a trim.  During his haircut, Jack sat in a police car, watched a movie, and had a sucker.  Really, does it get better than that?  Not for little Jack. 


Anja said...

cute! don't you love how we can bribe our kids with something so simple as a sucker?!

Crystal said...

We just had a fun family day watching Toy Story 3 in Kuwait : ) I was so glad you stopped by my blog and commented! It is a blessing to know someone is reading it. I would love to keep up with your adventures as well and I will add you to my Blog List to keep up with you. God Bless~ Crystal

Emily said...

haha i love the cool stuff you do with your boys! they don't have a cool kid's haircuttin' place but those cars look FUN! They should have those for us big kids, too! i'm amazed your boys survived the theater - especially Thomas! he and Rowan would get along great because R ALWAYS eats food off the floor!

Liz said...

I am glad that Jack enjoyed the movie. I am so jealous of how good Jack was getting his haircut. Elijah is terrible!