Sea World.

Have I said how much I love living in San Diego...I mean Tijuana? 
We went to Sea World yesterday, and it was great. 
Have I also mentioned how great it is that Jack gets excited over {almost} everything?  How lovely it is that both Thomas and Jack like the stroller?  How much fun it is to take the kids places?  (Minus the minor meltdowns and the temporary loss of hearing that happens when over stimulated.) Some days, having kids rocks. 

We (I) have had some rough days and so having a fun day was much needed.
Hooray for fun!

The rides, the tears, the fun, and of course Shamu.  We can't wait to go again.


Rebekah said...

You guys are so lucky!

Janalu said...

feeding the dolphins and touching the stingrays are my favorite part. I've only been twice but both times were really cool.

Z. Marie said...

I've never been to San Diego, but Sea World does look way cool. And Thomas totally looks like a big kid in that photo!

Camille said...

I am so jealous!

Jessica said...

That picture with Jack looking through the glass looks stunning. The water makes me want to swim in it, its so blue. Except I wouldn't want to swim with any of Sea World's creatures that close. I'm a bit scared of that.

Liz said...

You guys are so lucky to live that close to Sea World. I am so jealous! I am glad that you guys got to go and have a fun day.