I love eggs.  I have loved eggs my entire life, but I love eggs even more when they used in a way I find surprising.  It started when I lived in Moscow, and I tried carbonara pizza at Patio Pizza for the first time.  (Remember Patio Pizza family?)   Carbonara pizza is served with bacon and a runny egg in the center.  It was spectacular.  To this day, I crave carbonara pizza, and wish there was a place that served it. 
The next egg surprise came when I was living in Berlin.  When Jack and my sisters, Paige and Taylor, and I  would go out and enjoy all of the awesomeness that Berlin has to offer, we would often eat at the little corner bakeries/sandwich shops.  Not only was it convenient, but it was a fairly inexpensive way to eat.  A lot of their sandwiches had boiled eggs slices in them.  At first I was hesitant, but after I gave it a try, I will never be able to go back.  I find myself trying to come up with yummy ways to add boiled eggs to my sandwiches. 

Lupe has introduced my newest egg surprise:

A boiled egg in a meatball.  Amazing.  Not only that, but the sauce was outstanding- tomato sauce with a lot of kick. 
The best part was when I cut open the meatball, the egg was totally unexpected.  A yummy and delicious surprise.


Bfiles said...

mmm! Never heard of that but it looks and sounds amazing!

Just US said...

I would have never thought to put a hard-boiled egg inside a meatball. What a cool idea!

Emily said...

wow that is strange but i have a suspicion that if i tried to cook this it wouldn't go over well...
lupe needs to write a recipe book! or start a blog!

Jill said...

Now that is something my husband would LOVE. Me? Not so much - but I'm always willing to try new things!

Connie said...

I am trying to learn to like eggs more and may have to try that meat-egg-balls idea! Eggs are a simple good source of protein. I've taken to eating runny eggs on toast with olive oil instead of butter, and switched from pancakes (mostly flour) to crepes (mostly egg). I'm trying!