Food Friend.

Ben doesn't like all of my cooking. As a matter of fact, if it comes to making the exact same thing homemade or from a box/frozen (for example, macaroni and cheese), he would rather have it from a box/frozen. My firstborn is very similar. Put a frozen burrito in front of Ben, and he will be satisfied. It is low maintenance to be sure, just a little frustrating when trying to decide what to cook for dinner. In order for me to be happy, and feel like I am providing a more healthy option than pizza rolls, I have certain food items that I will make so everyone will eat. We like to make everyone happy at meal times, without making everyone their own meal.  It used to be that on the nights that Jack and Ben would eat their frozen delights, they would be done in less than five minutes (including cooking time), and I would be left to eat my food all alone. I don’t really like eating alone.

Then Thomas started eating.

Now when Jack and Ben eat their frozen meals, Thomas and I enjoy something homemade. It works out great, and no one has to eat alone. 

Balance, isn't it fabulous?

I am so grateful for Thomas, and his wonderful eating habits.

P.S.  Please know that there are nights that all of us eat frozen food.  Did you know that P.F. Changs now has a frozen food option?  Oh and Trader Joe's has some frozen chocolate croissants that remind me of once upon a time in Paris.  I am certainly not above frozen foods, I just don't really like frozen burritos or Digiorno pizzas.

One thing we can all agree on-the need for sweet treats.


The Teeples Times said...

I too have to agree with you. I spend all of this time cooking a homemade meal, to have all 3 of my kids not even touch it. Tad will eat it, but then I suddenly turn into a "short-order cook" whipping out scrambled eggs, pb&j's or mac & cheese to appease the younger crowd. So, when a find a freezer meal you all like, it is like heaven, right? For us, it's taquitos or pizza. I loved your post with all your different hairstyles...very chic! Which one did you go for? Also, I love your new blog look.

Bryn said...

I have Celiac Disease so there are days when I make 4 different meals...those days don't happen often because I don't like how crazy it is, but it happens. It's always nice to be able to enjoy something good with everyone!!

Emily said...

Bryn, Celiac is tough! We have neighbors and one of their little girls has been diagnosed so the whole fam is gluten free. Sounds like a lot of work to keep up with that!

Em, I can understand Ben's side of the argument. I'd rather eat a (cooked) frozen lasagna any day over spending 1-2 hrs making one that overcooked or something. After I had Rowan, we were eating skillet meals, frozen stuff, and Lean Cuisines for weeks! Gotta love convenience food!

Liz said...

Luckily for me Dustin seems to like just about everyrhing I can cook, but Elijah seems to only want apples and frozen corn dogs these days! It is hard to have a little guy who won't eat. I am hoping that Emme is like her Dad, and I don't have another picky eater.