Oh dear.

The last post has several things wrong with it.  The first, I wrote it and published it when Ben was out of town.  He usually acts as my filter.  I come up with a lot of things to write, and he lets me know if I should publish them.  This is one I am certain he would have stopped me.  Second, after re-reading it (for the 50th time), I think it seems that I am looking for compliments.  Although I love compliments, it was not my goal.  Third, it was late when I wrote it and when I it is late, I get tired.  When I am tired, I think I am brilliant.  Not so much. 
It is great that Ben is back in town, and I hope he doesn't have to go out of town again for awhile (for so many reasons). 
I should have a policy to not publish anything thought up so late
I don't think even my mom or dad will read if I keep that up.

To compensate for this unfortunate ramble, here is a video of Jack singing and dancing to "I Gotta Feeling".


Janalu said...

I thought that last post was funny, like when you said ( Im not dead) lol. One time I posted a bout a little fight Matt and I had, and Im pretty sure everyone in his family called both him and I, now that was a post I should have filtered out!

Donna said...

You're in this week's FS RoundUp. If you want out, please let me know: http://emailfromtheembassy.blogspot.com/2010/09/weekly-roundup-sponsored-by-me.html

Liz said...

Too cute! I love the fireman costume!

A Daring Adventure said...

That is the CUTEST video!

I totally need to learn to do this. Go you! You can do anything.

And see? Jack is now famous!

But I just have to say... I LOVED Thomas on the floor being totally all baby. Sweet little dumpling. My boys have gotten so old, I almost can't even remember those days.

Emily said...

I thought your last post was fine. No need to edit your thoughts. They are you! :)
And Jack is just too stinkin' cute. I like that you kind of just kept quiet and let him do his thang. Thomas was all cutie, too!

Jessica said...

Is that what he is going to be for Halloween? He looks great!