A Fancy Party.

To all my blogging family and friends- 

I love parties.
The problem is, I don't like cooking for them, or cleaning up afterwards, so this is a perfect solution.

You are invited to my fancy party.
It's my birthday. 


Wednesday, Sept. 29, all day

Wear a fancy frock, eat a cupcake (or two), go out to eat, get a pedicure, dance around your house, anything you think is fun.  It's the perfect excuse to get fancy (even if your idea of fancy is sweatpants with words across the bum), and do something fun for yourself.  Is there a cupcake place, bakery, or restaurant you have always wanted to try, but haven't had the opportunity?  This is the perfect time to try it.   Have fun!

There are a few days left...plenty of time to think of something good.

My plan right now is to wear a party dress, eat a few cupcakes, and go to dinner with my man.  I never know with these things, though, there are two little guys who might have different plans.

You don't even have to RSVP. All you have to do is have a little fun, and do something nice for yourself. 

Of course, I will want to hear how you celebrate. Maybe even see some pictures.


hannah said...

What a great idea! That day happens to be my best friend's birthday - and since I can't be there to celebrate, perhaps I'll just have my own spot of fun, seven time zones away...

A Daring Adventure said...

I know why you picked that day!!

Horgy said...

I'm in. We will send you a picture of our festivities on your day. Thanks for the invite!

Just US said...

A party!!! I love the idea of no cooking, no cleaning, no hosting but still enjoying a party! Hopefully you can go to the beach sometime around your big day. If I had a car, that is how I would spend my day for your party. I will have to think of something else grand that is a little more do-able for your big day!