Promise Kept.

Anyone who knows me is aware that I DO NOT LIKE THE COLD. I have promised that I will never complain of being hot, as it means that I am not cold. Today that promise was put to the test.

Today was the hottest day since we have lived in Tijuana. When I checked online, the temperature here was 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Now I realize that is not the hottest temp out there, but we only have air conditioning on the top level of our house. That means our kitchen is not included, neither are any of the rooms with a TV. So it day was a hot day in our house. Even though it was hot, I loved it. We spent our day playing in our baby pool and running through the sprinkler. Life does not get better than that. Oh, except the circa 1950's housewife vision in my head as I cooked dinner in a hot kitchen wearing a skirt and no shoes. I should have worn my apron, that would have made the vision complete.

What makes this little heat wave even better is that it is my birthday week. I don’t remember it ever being this warm this time of year. To celebrate, I think that the boys and I are going to attempt a beach trip this week, just because we can. Going to the beach during birthday week would be absolutely perfect.

I don’t know if I will ever be able to live in the cold again.


A Daring Adventure said...

I have tons of aprons!! I always wear an apron in the kitchen!

Add that to my 1800's marriage, and um... there you go. I am always barefoot in the kitchen. I am not, however, pregnant. But I'm assuming that homeschooling my children makes up for that in terms of fundamental strangeness.

What a specimen I am. :)

You simply MUST go to the beach! And then blog about it. With pictures. Preferably of Thomas enjoying the sand. With his face.

Camille said...

I'm sweating just reading this...

Lisonbee said...

My trick here is we never get dressed we just run around in our skidoos! Also I put a bowl of ice infront of my floor fan in our bedroom because the aircon has been broken since we moved in and it cools things very quickly. Good luck!

Connie said...

If I had to choose only one place in the house to have AC, it would be the kitchen. I'd rather sleep in the heat, than melt over the stove, or have ac blowing on me at night for that matter. I read in the news that your area of the world was getting heat-blasted. There was a story of record temps in LA that broke the reporting weather station's thermometer!
Does your family like cold salads? Not just greenery, but meats (ham or tuna), egg, bean salads, potato salad or cole slaw (made early in the day and left in the fridge to get cool), etc? Growing up in Florida, we'd often have cold dinner nights... very refreshing!.. it would be great here as we often have very hot temps, but my family doesn't like these foods :(