Music Warms My Heart.

After almost six years of searching, I have finally found a song that captures the way I feel about me and Ben.  I don't know if he would agree, since it is a little sappy, girl-in-love kind of song.   
I found this particular artist from two different blogs CJane and the Nienie Dialogues, her name is Mindy Gledhill.  The name of the song is All The Pennies, and it has a fun beat (you can listen to a clip of the song on Mindy's website).  The first line that caught my attention was "we don't even own a bathroom door".  You see the first apartment we had was a cave a basement apartment.  It was really old and had been hand dug; which made floors uneven, ceilings low, and a lot of other fun things that come with living in the basement.  One of the fun quirks of our apartment was there wasn't a door separating the toilet from the sleeping area.  I was really nervous about this, since going to the bathroom is a very private matter.  Not to mention that I didn't want my brand new husband to know what was going on.  Fortunately my handy father came the day before we got married and installed a closet-like sliding door.  We really loved that apartment.

I digress, back to the song:

The chorus:

All the pennies in the wishing wells
All the diamonds Tiffany’s could sell
All the riches put together
All the sunny California weather
Could not make me love you any better

You could give me all that I request
If you fancy, darling be my guest
But I’ll take less if more means having less of you
Who needs sequin shoes or private jets to Katmandu

Isn't that a cute song? 

This is for you, sweetheart.  Can we dance now?


A Daring Adventure said...


Too insanely cute for words!

And I love the part about the bathroom door! Um, yeah. There must always, always be a bathroom door, that's for DARNED sure.

Daniela Swider said...

Oh, how terribly romantic! Love, love, love the song!

I know you'll think we are crazy (and this is definitely too much info) but I have to say that we have an "open-door policy" when it comes to our bathrooms, unless we have visitors...

There, I've said it. You guys are welcome to shun me now...

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness I am SO glad you found my blog. I absolutely remember you from Oakwood. I am so glad that everything went we'll with the birth of your cute baby boy. How are you liking TJ? Is it nice being closer to family? I think that is the number one hard thing about Timor. I would LOVE if you shared about the dress. Also if you want to know what is really goin on here in Timor my family blog is thecuteandcrazycrawfordclan.blogspot.com thats where I post all the real stuff ha! Your blog is so adorable I LOVE it!

Janalu said...

Luuuuuv it! Very sweet. Matt and my song was 100 years by 5for Fighting. I like it cause you really do only have about 100 years so use them wisely:) I think you are using your to the fullest!

The Teeples Times said...

Very very sweet! I could always tell you and Ben have something special! Treasure it always!

Connie said...

That is so sweeeet! My husband probably has our song picked out. It's probably from the 80's, and I probably can't stand it anymore. I am severely ADHD when it comes to music and must have new stuff.. always. I go crazy if I have to listen to music I've heard too many times. Kinda ruins the whole 'our song' thing. Ah well... we have years of inside jokes instead ;)