Where I am.

Tijuana has been in the news in the last few weeks.

See here and here.

It is a remarkable experience to live on the south side of the US/Mexico border.  I imagine that like many borders, there are some distinctions that are very apparent and those that are not.  The biggest thing I notice right away is the amount of traffic laws that are ignored here.  I quite enjoy it, but I have to make an effort to remember to stop at stop signs when I cross into San Diego.
At times life here in Tijuana can be a little unsettling, and in the last few weeks, the violence has seemed to pick up. Maybe it is because we are here for Ben's work, but I feel like I live in a bubble that protects me from everything that is happening in this tumultuous town.  Out of sight out of mind, right?  I realize that this thought process might be a little naive, but at the same time, if I worried about everything that could happen, I would never leave the house.
(I think that could apply just about anywhere in the world, especially to driving in another country.)

The good news is, according to the news that I have heard/read; we are not the target of the violence. 
(It's the crossfire you have to worry about.)

Like I have said so many times, I am really grateful for this experience.  Who knows when we will have another? 
We have a great house, we live near San Diego, the food is AMAZING, and the weather is pretty sweet.  AND we can afford to have someone help us out in our house, which has been a ginormous blessing.

For Jen.


A Daring Adventure said...

I love that picture. Goodness. Talk about summing it all up in one shot.

Becky said...

Awesome photo. Captures the "between two worlds" feel of the border. It really is a magical fusion. Love this place.

Hugs from down the border. Sorry you guys have had to deal with this junk. Wouldn't wish it on anyone. I hope this is the last you see of this stuff. The random violence can be pretty wearing. If you ever need to vent, I'm more than willing to listen. Please know that the rest of us along the border will always be pulling for you no matter how hard it gets.

Little Lovables said...

That must be pretty rough and scary for your family, but it's true there are blessings to be had still. I almost got run over by a crazy cab in Tijuana years ago, it's sad that violence is spreading everywhere.

And oh, I so just saw your post about loving handmade accessories and stuff. I have my own little shop and do custom stuff all the time, anyways, here it is.


and I usually never spam, but you asked for it :)

Clare said...

Hi, I’m an fso hopeful (waiting on the register) and just wanted to say I like your blog and this reflection about living on the border. As an undergraduate I interned with State at the consulate in Tijuana and I had a great experience. You’re right about the food – best fish tacos!

Becky said...

Your post has been included in the weekly State Department Blog Round Up


Thanks for your wonderful contribution!

Donna said...

Agreed. Excellent picture.

Connie said...

Great photo, and an even better attitude!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, that photo says it all. Great shot!

Coco Recommends said...

I really enjoyed your blog (and the picture!). :)

Bryn said...

Since moving to London we haven't had to worry about those things and it's made me realize just how much we take our safety for granted. I hope y'all stay safe and get war-free spot next time!!! We'd love to have y'all here!