Star Wars.

Jack LOVES Star Wars.  I don't know why it started, but it is full force.
The boys, including Ben, often act out different scenes from all of the movies. 

This is a typical night at our house.

Jack: Dad, you be Luke, and I'll be Darth Vader.  I'll tell you I'm your father, and you say noooo.
Ben:  Okay.
Jack:  Luke, I am your fader (father, but Jack says it with a funny accent.)

Jack:  Okay, Dad, now you be Obi Wan and I'll be Anakin and we fight.
Ben:  It's over, Anakin - I have the high ground.
Jack:  You underestimate my power.  
Ben:  Don't try it.
Jack:  (Jack now acts out jumping over Ben, and Ben cuts off Jack's legs) - Jack screams and falls down.
Ben:  You were supposed to destroy the sith not join them.  
Jack:  - incoherent murmuring-  

Jack: Now Dad, you be Darth Sidious.
Ben:  He's still alive, quick get a medical capsule.  (Ben puts on all of the mechanical arms and legs, and the Darth Vader mask on Jack)
Ben:  Lord Vader, can you hear me?
Jack: Yes Master.  Where's Padme?
Ben:  I'm afraid in your anger - you killed her.