A Trip to the Dentist.

Jack and Thomas went to the dentist for the first time this week.

Last week, one of Jack's teeth started to look discolored (as in turning gray) and so I called the dentist and made an appointment. 

I was dreading this appointment because I ignored missed the memo about taking a child to the dentist by the age of one.  I was already feeling guilty about that, then add in a gray tooth, and I was preparing to accept my terrible mother title.

However, it was so much better than I expected.  

The dentist's office was a kids paradise, there were picnic tables with toys and books, and a tree built into the wall, video games, and bright colors everywhere.

Even though I was nervous, I told Jack about all the cool things that happen at the dentist, and he was excited.  
He got x-rays and watched TV while they were cleaning his teeth.  He loved it!

When the dentist told me that the discoloration was NOT caused from anything I did, I was so relieved.  It was probably caused by a fall or a trauma to his teeth, not due to hygiene negligence. 

Thomas also met with the dentist, and in true Thomas style - cried the entire time.  
At least he has clean teeth.

Oh, and not once was I called a terrible mother, even when they found out Thomas still has a binki.