Preparation: "The Dress".

Every year in November, the Marines celebrate their "birthday".  In order to celebrate, all over the world wherever there are Marines, there is a party.  In the case most of the Embassies around the world, it will be a Marine Ball.  It is a BIG DEAL.  Dressing up, dancing, dressing up.  Sunday best is not good enough for this soiree, no sir.

Finding a dress for this event is a big deal.  I have heard of women buying dresses appropriate for the red carpet.  I have seen pictures of lovely ladies dressed in extremely glamourous dresses.

Buying a dress for the Marine Ball is something I have thought about since Ben got this job.  Seriously.  I am excited for a Marine Ball.  I love that I have an excuse to buy a gorgeous dress.

The problem is finding a dress.  I need something modest.  However, I want to be sexy, glamourous, and gorgeous, without looking like the Mother-of-the-Groom.  You know what I am saying?  I realize I am getting older, but not old enough to give away one of my sons in marriage.  Certainly not old enough to dress like I am.

For my dress, I require sleeves, a back, and my cleavage (what little I have) to be covered.  This is difficult.  I have found many, many dresses, but they are usually missing one key requirement.

I realize that there are options to make an immodest dress modest, but I don't want to.  Adding a jacket, bolero or other cover can often take away from the beauty of the dress.  I want a dress that is whole and complete.  As is, if you will.

Now, it is not all bad.  I have found a few options, but the options are extremely limited.

This is the next thing I am doing to prepare.  Searching for a modest gown that is glamourous, sexy and will take away Ben's breath when I walk in the room.

That and I need to buy some SPANX.

I would love suggestions if you have some.


Anja said...

if you buy spanx, the same creator of them makes a "lessor" if you will line especially for Target. They are called assets. I have them, and I love mine! just as great, only cheaper! good luck on the dress, can't wait to see what you find!

Camille said...

Yeah...I have no advice. Good luck! Post a pic when you get it :)

Janalu said...

Kind of pricey but really pretty. As long as its length is decent that might cover your bases and shoulders:)

Anne said...

Have you ever heard of eShakti.com? Apparently all of their styles are alterable, although I'm not sure how many fancy options they have. It might be worth checking out.

I am at a loss for what to wear for ours, I have literally nothing!

Z. Marie said...

This year I'm wearing a dress I've had at least 15 years. I guess the amazing thing is that it still (sort of) fits me.
Have you looked at Nordstrom? Online, at least, they seem to have some thing that don't look too matronly and are within the realm of our modesty standards.

Lindsey said...

Hey Em - I have no idea if you will find anything or not, but try weartodaygonetomorrow.com. You can rent dresses - it's worth a try :)

$ said...

If you want to go for a retro-modern look, try:





$ said...

Overstock.com has lots of party dresses:





$ said...

Last one. This is basically Pippa Middleton's bridesmaid dress in black. Gorgeous and totally modest:


Brooke S. said...

Unfortunately I don't have any suggestions - good luck!

How funny, I have actually been dreading the Marine Ball since Max joined the Foreign Service... :) Everything about it give me the hibbidy jibbidies!

But I do want to see pictures when you find your dress!

Jessica said...

My suggestion is to make sure that your hubbie doesn't walk in when you are trying to suck in, wiggle, tug, pull and tuck yourself into the SPANX! Then end result underneath a beautiful dress is worth it but putting them on is not a "pretty" process. :)
Since you already look great I am sure that you are going to look FABULOUS!