Thrifty Mcthrifter.

Until a few weeks ago, thrift stores made me nervous.  The smell, the customers, the thought of buying other people's stuff--none of it appealed to me.  

It all started with the frame I bought a few months ago, and from there I started buying home goods including these lovelies:

Goblets 10 for $7.50

Pampered Chef platter- $4

Then one day I found a table cloth (under platter); it was a step towards clothing, but I was still nervous to get clothes.   Then I had the tie-shirt project, and didn't want to spend much money on it.  I went to my favorite thrift store and bought shirts and ties to use.  When I was buying the shirts, something happened- I became comfortable with thrift stores.  I began searching through racks of clothes. 

Since then, I have found some amazing treasures.  I have even bought shoes- which a few months ago would have completely grossed me out.  

It has become a fun challenge to find clothes I like in my size.  It takes a lot of time and a lot of searching, but there are some fabulous finds.  It helps that there are some well-stocked thrift stores in San Diego.

Michael Kors shoes, just my size.  Barely worn.

Everything here including two belts, not pictured, all for under $50!

I have had so much fun, and it makes my clothing budget go so much further.  It is a win-win.

Hooray for thrift stores.

If you think thrift stores are gross, that is fine with me, it leaves more for me to find. (Smile. Wink.)

If you want to go "thrifting" with me, I would love it.  I imagine going with friends would be so much more fun.


Anonymous said...

Good for you! I love thrift stores and shop in them wherever I am posted, but the DC-area ones are especially awesome.

Digger said...

OMG I just LOVE thrift stores. I have some really cool finds (like my gargoyle). I got a beautiful win rack/hutch for like $30 and a butcher block kitchen cart for $10 (which in Jerusalem, I had a tile artist use to inlay a beautiful tile piece...so now it is one of my favorite pieces of furniture and worth much more than the original $10). And when I was first joining the service, the thrift store was a god send for a poor grad student to get a few suits to last until I was getting a paycheck!

Becky said...

Fun! I agree on the DC area ones; they are especially well stocked. We'll have to hit some once you get over here :)

Horgy said...

Of course. That is where we get all of our bowling shirts! Nolan won't shop anywhere else.

Anja said...

I miss my utah thrift stores, but am slowly getting to know the ones here in Oregon, no great finds here yet though, although I'm not going as frequently as I did in utah. I'm glad your finding cute stuff, LOVE the shoes!!

Kate said...

I want those goblets. Bad.

Daniela Swider said...

OMG - That's me! I was totally grossed out by thrift stores but then we moved to DC and I quit my job. Before that I thought thrift stores are for poor people (or at least poorer than us) but now that we are living on one government salary, thrift stores make sense. Plus we had a baby and you can find a ton of baby stuff for very little there. Babies grow out of stuff so fast that to me it doesn't make sense to buy new stuff any more. So I too have gotten over my thrift store aversion and have found some awesome deals. Now it just feels wrong to pay more than a couple of bucks for anything...Glad you're having fun!

Liz said...

Awesome finds! I have tons of thrift stores and salvation army stores right by me. I went a few times when I first moved here and I found some great stuff, but I am still a little afraid of them. Too bad that we don't live nearby each other, because I like to go with people.

Crystal Farish said...

Man, you found some awesome stuff!!! Love those goblets.

Rebekah said...

I'm nervous about Thrift Stores, too. Maybe I'll start going...