Fly Me Away.

I had a really clever idea this year for sending off our letters to Santa.  BALLOONS!  We were going to write our letters, attach them to some balloons, and send them off to the North Pole.  Brilliant, creative, and just amazing, right?  Yeah...no.

I had high hopes- see they love the balloons.

It could have been a great idea if every thing went as planned, but it didn't.  First, we got the balloons, and the boys were so excited!  We went home to write our letters, and I wrote mine, just as I was supposed to.  I asked for some outrageous things like world peace, ginormous diamond earrings, a new car, you know totally non-realistic, but AWESOME requests.   The kids started out strong, but ended up throwing their lists on the ground, refusing to finish, and refusing to pose for the camera so that I could document my amazing idea.  Seriously, kids. They obviously don't understand my need to record every moment of creative genius that I have.
It all deflated from there.  The fits continued and I gave up.  Fine.  I guess Santa won't get his letter this year.  Fine.
Then Ben came home from work, and I went to bed.  It was a rough day.

We could save the balloons for tomorrow.

Maybe not.

My genius.
My creativity.
The balloons.

Now on to my next amazing idea...


Unknown said...

AWWWW!!! I'm sorry hun! It was an AMAZING idea...You'll laugh about it when your kids are all grown up and it will be a great story to tell! :)

Anja said...

good idea though! too bad it didn't work out :( I hate when that happens

Tracy said...

I love that you wrote this. This is so real life. What a fantastic idea though.

The Teeples Times said...

What a fabulous idea!! I hate when our brilliant ideas fail. Happens to us all.

Jessica said...

I love this idea!! Try it again next year. I'm sorry it flopped this time but I think its worth trying again. So cute!

Just US said...

Great idea!! Maybe as the kids get older it will be easier for them to sit and write a letter. It is hard though when these little ones don't cooperate with our brilliant plans!