Nothing says Christmas Eve like a snowball fight in 60 degree weather.

I had Christmas Eve planned out.  We were going to spend the day listening to Christmas music, and I was going to cook a scrumptious feast.  
We changed our plans when we were told about a church activity in the afternoon.  Then, the church thing was cancelled, and Ben was looking forward to a non-feast sort of day.

So we went to Sea World.

They have a special Christmas Celebration, including Snow World.
We went and threw snow balls, (although after we did the loud speaker came on announcing that throwing snowballs was prohibited) built a mini snow man, and frolicked in the white stuff.
Warm weather + snow =  a life long dream come true.

Happy Christmas Eve.


Horgy said...

It looks like you have more snow than we do plus we have cold weather. YOU WIN!

Rebekah said...


jasonandjodie said...

So jealous! looks like so much fun - glad you had a fun Christmas Eve.

Just US said...

What a great Christmas Eve! I love the people throwing snowballs in short-sleeve shirts. That is the best way to play in the snow!