The Glad Game. Or I feel like Pollyanna.

I know, I know a picture of spices and clothes hanging in the closet doesn't seem like a big deal, but it has made the biggest difference.  I can finally wear more than the small selection of clothes I had, and I can cook our favorite meals.

Our stuff arrived and it is all in good condition.  That is good news, but it gets even better.

Continuing the "glad" business"

We put Jack in preschool, and he loves it.  I am so excited for me him.

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the mess that was created so quickly after the boys had all of their toys, and all of the extra stuff that was everywhere- when the cleaning lady that comes once a week showed up.  Now, this is provided by the housing complex we live in, and so it isn't a big deal.  Except we were told she would be coming a different day, so it was a welcome surprise.

I love Northern Virginia.  It is so refreshing to be somewhere familiar, and since I consider this area "where I am from" it is nice to be here.  

I ordered a shirt online, and when it arrived, it was the wrong color and it had a stain on it.  I called about it, and they gave me an additional 15% off!  That was a win.  
A trip to the NY/NJ is in the works, and boy, am I excited. 

Who doesn't love Pollyanna?
Well, maybe not everyone, but the glad game can be so refreshing.


Kristy said...

Dude, I just read your post about all the traveling you guys did in your car and the thing about the crosses and adult stores on 40 is so true! We take 40 to visit my mom in Tennessee and Jer and I always comment about the fact that there must be so many religious and dirt bag people that live close to 40:) Glad that you guys are enjoying Virgina...looking forward to your Jersey visit!

Liz said...

I am so glad that you guys are finally feeling settled. At least for now...LOL Erin loved the movie Pollyanna when we were growing up. We used to play the glad game to annoy my mom. We would come up with the most obnoxious things to be glad about. I am so glad that Jack likes Preschool. We just signed Elijah up for the local 4K, and I really hope he likes it.

Jessica said...

I am feeling glad for you! Glad to not be driving across the country again, glad to have some of your things and clothes. Yay! And a cleaning lady!

Just US said...

Clothes and spices? What more does a girl need? :)