Unexpected Adjustments

Whenever we move, there are always adjustments to make.  There are small adjustments; light switch placement, which direction the fridge door opens, and the path from the bed to the bathroom.  There are bigger adjustments; going from a house with a lot of room to run to a two bedroom apartment where running around means running in place and turning in a circle, a new commute, and a new church.  These adjustments are normal and expected.

It is always the unexpected adjustments that are, well, unexpected.  In Tijuana, I didn't expect how often I would be cold.  I thought since the weather was perfect, I would never be cold.  I wore more sweaters and cardigans in Tijuana (especially indoors) than any other place I have lived.

Since moving here, I have two unexpected adjustments.

First, for the last four years (minus a few months of training) we have had out-of-state license plates.  I have used this to identify our small car from a sea of other cars.  The other day I tried to get into a similar looking car for a few minutes.  I couldn't figure out why the doors weren't unlocking.  Then I looked a little closer and the car was missing car seats.  It took another half second for me to realize my error.  I also waved down the wrong car/husband to pick me up in front of the grocery store.   That one did not take me as long to figure out, but still.  I have to figure out another way to identify our car from the others.

The second adjustment I didn't count on is the time difference.  We are only three hours from Tijuana and two from Utah, but it has made a big difference.  From making phone calls to family, watching TV (all the shows come on later), to figure out when the announcement about the next iPad will be made (I have been saving my pennies for this one).  You know, silly things like that.

I like making adjustments, especially the unexpected ones.  Mostly because they can make the best stories.

I can't wait for the unexpected adjustments in Sri Lanka.


The Teeples Times said...

what a great attitude! It's the unexpected adjustments that sometimes throw me for a loop. How long are you there and when do you leave for Sri Lanka?

Jessica said...

I love the part about flagging down the wrong husband to pick you up!! Ha! That is funny! One of the bigger adjustments we had when we moved into our current neighborhood was having over 200 kids in the primary and the amount of germs that produces! We had to build up an immunity to our ward...it took awhile but we don't catch as many colds and coughs as we use to.

Just US said...

Just wait until you move to Sri Lanka where it all changes again! Then a 3-hour time difference will seem like no-big-deal.

Lisonbee said...

My lame one was getting into the car on the wrong side and sitting there for moment trying to figure out what was wrong before I realized I was sitting in the passenger seat thinking it was the drivers seat. Oh the changes! The change in house sizes would be hard with 2 boys full of energy! Good luck cousin. Oh and the time change over here is hard....we never really catch up with people because it never seems to work with 15 hour difference between us. But you and I will be able too!