I knew it would end in tears, just as so many things do.

Flying a kite is one of those activities I knew would not end well with the boys, but I did it anyway.  

As a child, I remember trying so hard to get a kite to fly without success, and I am pretty sure that each attempt ended in tears.  (I don't fully recall, however, because I have blocked out anything negative I have ever done.  Including crying over ridiculous failures.)

Which brings me to my desire for the boys to fly a kite.  
Both of the boys had their own kite, and both of them were able to get them up for a few moments.  Unfortunately, as soon as the wind stopped, so did their smiles.

However, if they ever say, they never flew a kite (as I am claiming from my childhood) they cannot make that claim.

Here is the proof.

These next pictures are my favorite from our adventure.  

Jack is mid-fit in this one, and Thomas is in the background laying down after he gave up.

"Oh, why me?"


Anne said...

That image of Thomas face down on the court is cracking me up.

Is it weird that I miss living in that place?

The Teeples Times said...

Love your "real life" stories!! What a great mom you are for attempting...I find myself thinking "Hmm...is it worth the effort?" sometimes. What a super mom you are!!!